Exploring Union with Christ Together


What is Union with Christ?

The word Christian appears in the New Testament only 3 times. Two of those times it isn’t even being addressed to Christians themselves, but simply describing them. On the contrary, the phrase “in Christ” or “in Him” appear over 180 times. This is one of the most important phrases in all of the New Testament.

Exploring Union with Christ Together for Two Weeks

For the weeks of August 2 and 9 we are going to unpack this beautiful idea together. What is Union with Christ after all? Why does it matter to our Christian lives. Pastor Bodie will lead us in understanding these incredible truths.

Pastor Bodie’s Teaching Slides

Below are the slides that Pastor Bodie will be using (or used) for each week of the series on Union with Christ.

Union with Christ – Part 1 Slides

Union with Christ – Part 2 Slides