July 5th- New Service Times


We are launching our next phase to re-open our church! Watch and read about all the details below. God is with us as we move forward for His glory.

When are the new service times?

Beginning Sunday, July 5th, we will offer four different services to suit the level of risk you are willing to take during this season of COVID-19. As usual, our earliest service will begin at 8:30 indoor service. This service will be live streamed for all the viewers at home. We will also have two additional indoor services, one at 10:00 and the other at 11:30.

Also we are offering an outdoor service throughout the summer beginning at 6:00 in the evening.

Why do we need to register?

We want everyone to have a seat, since we can only seat 50 or so people in every service. You only need to register once, not every week, and then attend that service. No one needs to register for the 6:00 PM service. There’s plenty of room! Once everything shakes out, people may want to switch services, but for the summer, let’s make sure everyone has a seat. Choose the service and register below.

Why are we having so many services?

For social distancing reasons, we can only have 25% seating capacity with chair separation of at least six feet from each other. For us means between 50-55 people. Each service will be shortened, only one hour long.

When is Sunday school and Youth?

The youth and Sunday school will meeting during our 10:00 service. Both parents and family members will have priority to attend this service. If your family has no connection to children or teens, I would recommend attending our 8:30 or 11:30 service.

Will there be childcare at 8:30 or 11:30?

Currently, we are offering childcare at our 10:00 service only. All other services will not offer childcare. If this is an area of need, come to our our 10:00 service. As soon as we are able to offer childcare at the other services, we will announce it. Thank for being patient with us.

What will the outdoor service be like?

The outdoor service is really cool, not literally, but very wonderful! It usually attracts a dozen of us sitting around in our lawn chairs with our Bibles. The summer evenings make for an ideal setting under the trees next to the slope. The Bible Study is much more informal, discussion is encouraged and certainly more relaxed.