Our Reopening Has Begun


All over the country, pastors and church leaders are beginning to re-open their churches.  It hasn’t been easy to navigate these waters, but with our incredible board of deacons, elders and staff, Heritage is pressing forward in complete unison.  I’ve tried to answer some of our most-frequently asked questions below.

How have we already re-opened?

Our re-opening process began three weeks ago.  I invited individual families to come “in person” to take communion.  It was a glorious Sunday as we fellowshipped with careful, respectful social distancing.  Last week, during a national prayer movement called, “Seek Week”, Heritage hosted two outdoor prayer gatherings.  Both were equally glorious. Further, our ladies have been meeting together in the parking lot for informal fellowship.

How effective is our Livestream service?

Technology has been my friend over the past two months.  Thanks to Pastor Bodie, Sound Tech, Paul Burt, our worship leader, Brian Cochrane and the technical genius of Scott Conrad and Tim Dawson, our message over Livestream and social media are touching hundreds of people’s all over the country, and as far as India and New Zealand.

Will our Livestream services continue?

Our Livestream capabilities will continue to improve, and long after this crisis is over, we will further utilize our tech support to spread the Gospel of Jesus and the Truth of God’s Word.

What is our next step in the re-opening process?

This Sunday, along with our regularly scheduled Livestream Service, we have planned three outdoor services: 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM.  They are limited in time and numbers.  We will love one another by practicing good social distancing; however, these services are not for those of you who elderly or compromised health wise.  We strongly urge you to stay home and enjoy the ministry through our Livestream.

Are we breaking the law by having “in-person” church services?

Although hundreds of churches will be having different kinds of planned gatherings with the support of certain city and county municipalities, other authorities are in complete opposition to any and all church gatherings.  Therefore, we must endeavor to be above reproach as much as possible as principalities and powers battle over religious liberties in courtrooms beyond our little parking lot and sanctuary.

What is required in order to attend our gatherings?

You can sign up right here as well as on our church app.  Since this is our opening debut, please wear a mask.  Personally, I’m longing for the day to give bear hugs to each of you, but for now, wisdom tells us to abstain out of respect for others and to be a good witness to all possible onlookers who may be armed with cameras ready for pictures.

Why are these updates important?

It is our desire to keep you informed as frequently as possible with upcoming news and events.  Things change quickly, and the circumstances we find ourselves in are very fluid.  Expect this newsletter often for the latest information involving our church family.

I love you more than words can express.

Pastor Tom