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Heritage has multiple ways for you to stay connected! Download our app & follow us on social media in order to stay connected and be the first to know about important announcements and upcoming events.

1. Church Center App

The church center app allows you to update your contact information so we can continue to connect with you through weekly email updates, phone calls and important announcements! You are also able to register for events, give and much more!

2. Subscribe for Email Updates

3. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

Our YouTube Channel is where we stream our live services every Sunday. It also gives you access to video encouragements from Pastor Tom and all other videos produced by Heritage.

4. Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter for important reminders about upcoming events, special programs, important videos and fun updates.

5. Subscribe to Pastor Bodie’s YouTube Channel

Pastor Bodie runs and creates the videos for his website It is a video-based online course website designed to help the Bible become more approachable, understandable, attractive and satisfying. Subscribe today so you can watch his studies live and be the first to access his new material.