Sunday Services: 10am & 6pm


Will We Have Sunday School and Youth?

Yes! Families, all together, will now have the option to attend church at our 10:00 service. Sunday school rooms have been remodeled, cleaned, decorated and are ready to serve our children. Kids will be seated six feet from each other, and teachers will avoid getting too close. Sunday school rooms will be used on Sunday mornings only and will remain unoccupied throughout the week to allow for a minimum risk from week to week.

Our youth will meet outside the youth room unless weather and/or numbers dictate going indoors. If they choose to go indoors, all the social distancing practices will put in place.

Outdoor Services

We have a perfect parking lot for holding outdoor services. We don’t have to worry about traffic or bothering neighbors. Actually the hillside and buildings act much like an amphitheater, offering good sound quality and a cozy feel. Everyone is asked to bring their own lawn chairs and source of shade. But if you forget either or both, we can provide them for you with chairs and large umbrellas.

As it was before the virus, youth will join the adults for worship. Directly after the announcements, they will be dismissed to have their own separate Bible study.

How is the 6:00 PM service different?

It’s smaller for starters. We sit in a circle in our lawn chairs. So far, every evening service has had beautiful weather, laughter, great fellowship with simple teaching and worship. It’s a whole different feel than a larger crowd, PA system and preaching.

Will an Offering Be Taken?

Instead of passing the baskets as before, we have placed an offering box next to the front door of the church by the free masks and hand sanitizer. It’s all there to serve you!

We have planned to continue these services through out the summer, but the best place to check is always the church calendar

How Will We Serve Communion?

Yes! On the first Sunday of the month, we will serve communion. However, unlike before, individuals will take the communion elements in individually wrapped packages. Only you will touch your own communion elements. Check out the picture below.