Preview of Sunday’s Message


God loves justice, and He raises up His avengers to protect the innocent from the forces of evil.

What are our current service times?

8:30 A.M.– Livestream service

10:00 A.M. OUTDOOR Service for all adults with an  INDOOR Sunday school for all children and INDOOR Youth Group.

6:00 P.M.OUTDOOR, parking-lot service for all.  (No childcare)

Once we have indoor services, what safety precautions are we take?

We are implementing many protocols to make our church as safe as possible.  Here are a few:

  • We will have limited seating, approximately 50 chairs or 25% of our seating capacity.
  • Of course, family groups will be able to sit together; however, other groups or individual chairs will be placed six-feet apart.
  • While indoors, we ask you to be respectful of social distancing practices, standing six-feet from one another or else wear a face covering; avoid shaking hands, etc.
  • We will make hand sanitizer available, and temporarily forgo “Greeting Time”.
  • We will refrain from passing out bulletins, and instead, point everyone to the website.
  • New, highly-rated filters have been installed in our sanctuary HVAC units.  Fans will be on continually to increase airflow and minimize risks.
  • We will clean all touched surfaces after every service.

How safe is our indoor Sunday school and Youth Group?

The science indicates that COVID-19 is not much of a danger to children.  Further, our Sunday School rooms are totally remodeled!  New carpet, fresh paint, new cabinets and toys with fresh decorations, all of it makes our classrooms spotless and beautiful!  After each service a thorough cleaning of everything will be performed.  In addition, the rooms are not used during the week. Your children will benefit from being together!

Will we take communion?

Yes!  Communion will involve individually wrapped elements that are touched only by you.  

Will we continue to have Livestream services?

Absolutely!  We have discovered our services are blessing people both near and far.  Further, we will always value our beloved people who are at home, and will make every effort to offer pure worship, biblical teaching and hope to all those watching in the safety of their own homes.

How comfortable are the outdoor services?

Depending on the day and the weather, our outdoor services can be more inviting than our indoor services. On a nice day, they’re sooo pleasant! We are working to increase the amount of shade and asking people to bring plenty of water to keep themselves hydrated and cool. Eventually, we will bring all services indoors.  But for the foreseeable future, we offering the the best options to worship in the least restrictive, yet comfortable environment.

The Lord willing, we will always be here to serve you and your family as we, together, navigate through this pandemic.